There is always a first for everything…

There is always a first for everything…

Just imagine how many things began with the very first piece and now came a really long way. Like the first Coca Cola bottle, or the first KFC chicken wing ever fried, everything started from just one piece.

This time, you are reading my first blog post. It’s not my first blog, as I started before some blogs… One was for university projects for professors to read updates and others were plain tryouts or attempts to start a blog.

My problem? Inconsistent.

But I decided this has to change since I have a lot to talk about and I really need this one space to share it with everyone. Even if it’s just some “revelation” of mine that I think of while taking a shower, sometimes there are some great ideas that come out of my vivid imagination that would be a shame to be wasted by not sharing with the world.

That being said…Welcome to my newest journey: My diary of thoughts and of course my photography which I hope will prove satisfying to watch.



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