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Cosy Winter Interior Inspiration – Fall Winter 2017 Trends

Because it’s autumn and we think ahead sometimes, today I thought it’s a great time to plan a winter interior based on the current trends.

You know that feeling when you come home from the frosty, freezing weather with that sort of numbness of your hands because you forgot your gloves. And then you come right in and snuggle on the sofa with the pillows and blankets to warm up from the insane cold…. Well, I know that feeling. That’s why I always have a couple of throws and some fluffy pillows all year round.

Today, I compiled for you an inspiration mood board, for a nice and cozy living room with Scandinavian vibes.

Color trends Fall/Winter 2017

Let’s talk about trends first – straight from the Pantone Color Institute we have the fashion color report for fall/winter 2017. Here are the trendiest colors we expect to see this fall and winter.

This chart features the Pantone top 10 colors – Palette for New York


This chart features the Pantone  top 10 colors – Palette for London


Now let’s talk about my favorite trends in interior design for this season

  1. Shades of Graygrey

Neutrals will always complement colors nicely and they have a good place in the hearts of designers, but this season the accent falls on shades of gray. Well, maybe not 50 of them… but just a few. Neutral Gray is Pantone’s choice for this season – so any shade of neutral is welcome.

pink2. Millenial Pink

Yes, yes… We heard this term a lot – the pink for millenials, that light almost sweet tone of pink is just oddly satisfying. It is a warm, pleasant color that gives a feeling of comfort.

3. Statement lighting

I adore lighting, fixtures, floor lamps and table lamps – the trendiest lighting now is statement lighting.  The atmosphere changes completely with these bold, intriguing pieces  of art. Take for example this beauty, from Scandinavian influenced store, Jysk.


What we will not see from last season’s trends

Good bye copper pineapples and welcome brass decorations, no more plastics and hello natural materials.

Cosy winter interior mood board

Now let me show you a mood board of inspiration that I compiled, for cosy winter vibes.


Table lamp, console and frame from VIVRE. Everything else from JYSK

Neutrals work very well with most colors, but a good contrast can be obtained from mixing neutrals like white and gray. White is the essence of simplicity and cleanliness, while a splash of pastel pink brings a comfortable warmth amplified by the furry textures.

For a touch of naturals – the wooden legs of the furniture are complemented with the bamboo bowl and the stone geometric flower pots.

That’s it for today, hope you enjoyed my post – if so, please do share it with your friends.

Until next time!


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