One Pair of Shoes We Expect to See in Spring 2018

If you’re really curious what kind of shoes will be most walked on the streets in Spring ‘18, I’m betting on these shoes launched today on the runway at Paris Fashion Week.

Prepare yourself for the most unexpected pair of shoes you could read about today. It might be the best news for you or maybe the weirdest news.

So, one pair of shoes we expect to see in Spring 2018 is….

Balenciaga x Crocs

Yes, you heard it right, designer Demna Gvasalia from Balenciaga actually designed a pair of Crocs.

I really don’t know how I feel about these Crocs with a platform and customizable Balenciaga plastic pins.

This is a very unconventional collaboration and most certainly a pair of Crocs that are not usually taken as street wear (or not that I have seen) will now be the biggest trend on the streets in Spring.

While these are not the prettiest shoes, they are probably not the ugliest and somewhat comfortable.

Just in case you want to see more, here are some more photos of the respective shoes.

I’d love to see your opinion on these Balenciaga x Crocs platforms, so please comment below and let me know how you feel about them.

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Until next time!


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